Guidance and Counselling


The Guidance and Counselling programs and services are open to all UP Cebu students (including UP High School Cebu students) free of charge and with a reasonable fee for non-UP individuals or groups. Regular counselling hours are from 8:00AM to 5:00PM, Monday to Friday. Psychological testing and group activities are scheduled Monday to Friday during office hours and, upon special request, on Saturdays. We guarantee that “a Counselor is always available”. Counselling sessions are confidential.

Group Guidance

Group guidance sessions and group counseling is an integral part of each school’s educational program. It tries to enhance the student’s life for academic success. It will be in the form of various structured learning activities that in one way or another impart skills and knowledge which each person can use. After the group guidance, it can be a spring board towards counseling. Group counseling will enhance self concept, self efficacy, coping skills and locus of control.


  • To help First Year undergraduate students integrate well in their college or university life.
  • To know one’s strengths and weaknesses in order to cope up with academic life.
  • To provide a healthy mental state and stable emotional condition among students.
  • To provide developmental type of group activities to address various needs and concerns of undergraduate students towards academic success.

Testing Services

Psychological Testing

We provide both internal and external testing. These services involves the administration and interpretation of standardized tests for the purpose of assessing individual strengths and weaknesses in the areas of personality, aptitude, interest and motivation. This will be administered to undergraduate first years and transferees during their psychosocial sessions in the first semester. The results of the test will also serve as springboard for counselling.

Tests include mental ability, interest, aptitude, personality and other assessments and survey materials. Furthermore, industrial testing for the graduating students will also be administered, upon request.

Likewise, we provide psychological testing services to outside companies and industries, upon request.

Job Placement

Students are guided in identifying and developing career paths through pre-employment seminar, career symposium, job fair and campus interviews. These are followed up in subsequent career counselling sessions. Students are informed of various educational and occupational opportunities including posting of job opportunities.

Job Fair